More than 20 states have a chance at seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Tonight.

Current forecasts show many northern states have a chance at seeing the northern lights Thursday and into Friday. That includes Alaska, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota, places with the greatest chance of seeing the auroras.

Other states that may get to experience the shimmering lights include Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.

What causes the northern lights?

We get to see the northern lights when space weather — like CMEs and the geomagnetic storms associated with them — impact Earth. A G3 CME is forecast to hit Earth late Thursday and into Friday.

CMEs are explosions of plasma and magnetic material from the sun that can impact navigation, communication and radio signals on Earth. They’re also able to cause auroras by creating currents in Earth’s magnetic fields that send particles to the North and South Poles, which then interact with oxygen and nitrogen, according to NASA.

The strength of the geomagnetic storm will impact how far south the northern lights will be visible. The SWPC uses a scale, similar to those used to measure tornadoes or hurricanes, to categorize the strength of a geomagnetic storm.

According to the scale, a minor G-1 storm leads to auroras commonly being visible in Maine and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A moderate G-2 storm can bring the northern lights slightly southward into New York and Idaho. Tonight’s storm is categorized as a G3.

According to NOAA, If a CME arrives at Earth, it can produce a geomagnetic storm, which, in turn, can cause anomalies and disruptions to the modern conveniences we have come to rely on. For example, fluctuating magnetic fields associated with these storms induce currents in long wires like power lines, potentially leading to wide-spread blackouts in extreme cases.

On March 13, 1989, a powerful geomagnetic storm triggered a major power blackout in Canada that left 6 million people without electricity for 9 hours. According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), the flare disrupted electric power transmission from the Hydro Quebec generating station and even damaged some power transformers in New Jersey. Power outages due to space weather are rare events, but evidence suggests that significant effects could occur. Significant power outages may have cascading effects, causing loss of:

  • Water and wastewater distribution systems
  • Perishable foods and medications
  • Heating/air conditioning and electrical lighting systems
  • Computer systems, telephone systems, and communications systems (including disruptions in airline flights, satellite networks and GPS services)
  • Public transportation systems
  • Fuel distribution systems and fuel pipelines
  • All electrical systems that do not have back-up power

Space weather caused problems even before the widespread generation and distribution of electrical power. The strongest geomagnetic storm on record occurred in September 1859, known as the Carrington Event, after the British astronomer Richard Carrington. During this storm, excess currents were produced on telegraph lines, shocking technicians and in some cases, setting their telegraph equipment on fire. Aurorae, another feature of geomagnetic activity, were visible as far south as Cuba and Hawaii. Today, a storm like that would cause significant impacts on our technology.

We don’t rely on telegraph networks to communicate anymore; however, our communications technologies are still vulnerable to space weather impacts. Solar flares sometimes produce energetic particles (protons and electrons) that stream to Earth and are captured by Earth’s magnetic field. These particles can damage satellites used for commercial communications, global positioning, intelligence gathering, and weather forecasting, and cause high-frequency radio blackouts in the polar regions. Solar flares also cause radio blackouts on the sun-facing side of the Earth.

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Click to view current power outages across the U.S.
Click to view current power outages across the U.S.

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Click For Full Story

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