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The Demon Rats Are the TRUE “Election Deniers”!

The demon rats just LOVE to accuse the conservative right, Republican Trump supporters of being ELECTION DENIERS! INSURRECTIONISTS, Threats to our Democracy! Watch TEN SOLID MINUTES of Demon Rats denying Election results! What PHONY HYPOCRITES they are! PHONY HYPOCRITES!!

‘Citizens for Sanity’ ad, attacks woke leftist politicians devastating American cities

A group calling itself “Citizens for Sanity” has released a powerful ad on the devastating impact woke leftist politicians have had on so many of America’s big cities, Sky News host Rita Panahi says.

Ms Panahi said the group has “vowed to return common sense to America and highlight the importance of logic and reason”.

“It’s high time that far left ideologues faced the consequences of their ruinous policies – bring on the midterms,” she said. The Demon Rats Truly ARE the Party of Crime – VOTE RED TO SAVE AMERICA!

Two buses of 101 migrants “mostly from Venezuela”, arrive outside Vice President Kamala Harris’ home in DC. Special delivery from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

They should bus every last one of these ILLEGALS to DC!! Every last one! BRAVO Governor Abbott!! BRAVO!!

These demon rats are so damn stupid! They “THINK” that all these illegal aliens they’re IMPORTING will be voting Socialist Demon Rat! How incredibly stupid they are!

People from Venezuela have already lived under the HORRORS of Socialism! They KNOW how horrible that is! They will NEVER vote for Socialist Demon Rats! They will ALL vote Republican!! This “importing voters” from South of the border scam is going to BACKFIRE in the Demon Rats faces!