Nobody Gives A Bleep About January 6th!

I know I don’t give a bleep! Chuck Schumer THREATENED United States Supreme Court Justices which is a FELONY crime punishable by TEN YEARS IN PRISON and the demon rat controlled lame stream media buries that crap! Mum is the word on that one! Even the rioters aka baby murderers protesting outside the Supreme Court Justices homes are committing a crime punishable by ONE YEAR in jail! Yet, NO ARRESTS! THAT is what is called the soft on crime, demon rat “selective justice” system! If you’re a leftist demon rat, you don’t even get charged, even when it’d OBVIOUS to all, that you’ve committed a crime! BUT, if you’re a right wing conservative that MAY BE guilty of simple trespass, they’ll lock you up and throw away the key! OR they shoot you down dead in the U.S. Capitol Building and not a word is said about it!

Author: Gramps

The angry old white man that the liberal left is so afraid of!

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