If Not For Massive Voter Interference in 2020, Trump Would Have Won!

17% of biden voters say that they would not have voted for brain dead
biden, had they known about the hunter biden laptop scandal!

The Demon Rats, their fake news lame stream media propaganda
machine and the FBI working in conjunction with Facebook’s, Mark
Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey intentionally suppressed the
story of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal to influence the outcome of a
Presidential election!

THAT is VOTER FRAUD! MASSIVE ELECTION INTERFERENCE that changed the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election in the United States!

17% of 81,283,098 alleged biden votes comes out to 13,818,126 votes,
leaving brain dead biden with 67,464,972 alleged votes to President
Trump’s 74,222,958 (legitimate) votes and that is if every single one of
those 17% of alleged biden voters had simply elected not to vote rather
than switching their vote to Trump!

In summary: Trump would have won the popular vote by 6,757,986 votes! Almost seven million popular votes ahead of brain dead biden, at a bare
minimum! The 2020 Election by The Numbers!