Woke’s A Joke! According to Liberal Bill Maher

We MUST Act NOW, to Protect America’s Power Grid!

With the recent attacks in November of 2022, on electrical substations, we had better start stepping up our game to protect our electrical power grid! At the very least, you should make sure that YOU have a backup power system in place! It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It could be as simple as having a portable generator. You should have “something”.  Plan ahead and you wont be left in the dark when the inevitable happens.

Here is the generator that I purchased: (As of Dec. 9, 2022, ON SALE for $400.00 OFF!) Regularly $1,249.00, NOW only $849.00! GREAT PRICE!

Elimination of CO2 is a suicide pact – Professor William Happer on climate change misconceptions

It’s safe to assume no one consciously sets out to challenge a narrative as deeply entrenched and emotionally charged as climate change. Dr William Happer, an American physicist and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, certainly didn’t. It was only in 1991, upon Happer’s appointment by President George W Bush as director of Energy Research in the US Department of Energy, that his interaction with climate change authorities – and their refusal to engage in customary scientific debate on climate change – piqued his interest. Thereafter, Happer was dismissed for his contrarian views and ‘head butting’ with climate change luminary Al Gore, only to be brought back to Washington by former president Donald Trump in 2018. BizNews spoke to Happer (83) about his prodigious career and discovery that the burgeoning climate change hysteria had no scientific basis. Happer meticulously detailed why and how CO2, the “demon gas”, is not a pollutant but is essential to mankind’s prosperity.