Biden Has Kept His Campaign Promise to DESTROY American Energy Production!

We MUST Save America on November 8th!

You’ve no doubt, heard this in every single election cycle, but this time, it’s never been more true!

This is the most important election of our lifetime! There has never been more at stake! We’ve never before, had so much to lose!

Soaring inflation, rampant crime, de-funding of Police, wide open southern border, attempts at gun confiscation, unequal application of justice under the law, weaponization of the DOJ and the IRS, politicization of the FBI, big tech social censorship, our children being brainwashed in schools with critical race theory and transgender-ism by liberal activists masquerading as “teachers”. That’s what the demon rat party offers you. Had enough? VOTE RED!

The demon Rats are hell bent on destroying this once magnificent country! They want to turn the United States into a third world communist dictatorship where they rule over the peon masses with an iron fist!

It was altogether fitting and appropriate that brain dead biden used a blood red satanic looking Third Reich type background to deliver his hate filled rant against half of America in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia on September 1st!

The party of crime demon rats are EVIL people! They are PURE EVIL! They have referred to half of America, the half that supports traditional family values, as Domestic terrorists, Insurrectionists and threats to Democracy! Brain dead biden even said that we are worse than the Jihadists who took down the world trade center towers in New York City!

What the hell kind of a “leader” says such a thing about a full half of the people he supposedly serves!? I’ll tell you what kind of a leader does that! A power hungry DICTATORIAL mad man trying very, very hard to divide this nation!

We MUST stop these demon rats dead in their tracks! We MUST take back the U.S House of Representatives and the U.S Senate on November 8th! Then, the White House in 2024!

It will probably take decades to undo all the damage the biden regime has done to this country! We have to stop the demon rats, not only at the Federal level, but also at the state and local levels all across this country! We can’t let those demon rat, radical leftist socialists, destroy this country! We just can’t let that happen!



Biden’s border crisis now overwhelming El Paso with street encampments

The demon rat plan to import millions of demon rat voters is going to backfire in their ignorant faces! Venezuelans have already suffered under the horrors of socialism and they will NEVER vote for socialist demon rats! So, thanks for the Republican votes, brain dead biden!

Brain Dead Biden Has Sealed The Demon Rat’s Fate!

There’s no “may have” about it! The demon rat party is going the way of RINO, Liz Cheney! The politicized FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, the political weaponization of our top Law Enforcement agencies, the hiring of an additional 87,000 Gestapo Brown Shirt IRS Collection Agents to go after America’s working middle class, screwing the hard working middle class with this punch in the gut, paying off the elite’s college loans, aka buying demon rat votes, the wide open southern border aka the importing of demon rat votes, Oh yeah… stick a fork in em…. the demon rats are done! They’re freak’n DONE!