Criminal Mob Attacks Coffee Shop in Portland, Oregon

THAT is the demon rat party of crime in action! The ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT party! The libtard demon rat controlled city of Portland has been the city of crime for YEARS! Portland, Oregon has a gutless, spineless, jellyfish of a so called Mayor, Ted the Wimp, Wheeler, who should have been removed from office YEARS AGO! He rioted right alongside the BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorists during the over 100 nights of rage filled RIOTING in Portland in 2020! THIS is what you get in a demon rat controlled city! Out of control CRIME! Vote red to save America! Vote red to save YOURSELF!

Criminal Teenager with a lengthy criminal record at the age of 16, Attacks Police Officer in New York City Subway – Asks judge if he can press charges against the Police Officer!

The “boy” — who has previously been arrested for possession of a loaded gun and robbery — was released the next day on his own recognizance, police sources said.