Fully Naked Adults Expose Their Genitalia to Children at Seattle Pride Parade!

BREAKING: Fully-naked adults riding bikes expose their genitalia to children at Seattle Pride parade!

Enough is enough! This garbage has to stop! Why were these perverts not arrested for indecent exposure!? What the hell is happening in this country when we allow, encourage and even “celebrate” such public displays of sexual deviancy and deprivation!? The moral fabric of our society has completely eroded! God help us.

Babies Know in The Womb, If They’re Transgender

That is so interesting. I never knew that a fetus had cognitive abilities. These freak’n LOONS are out their damn gords!

Sexual Deviants on Parade in Texas – Louder With Crowder

“Kid Friendly” drag queen show, protected by ARMED ANTIFA TERRORISTS with AR15 rifles and other deadly weapons. I thought the left was soooooo against these evil “weapons of war”! I thought they wanted them BANNED! I guess it’s OK when it’s “THEIR” group of Nazi  foot soldiers!

Woke Liberals on Social Media Push the Term ‘Chestfeeding’

My God, these leftist loons are seriously DERANGED!

(PRESCHOOL) Teacher, Talks About Coming out as Trans to Her 4-YEAR OLD STUDENTS!


Preschool (PRESCHOOL) Teacher, Talks About Coming out as Trans to Her 4-YEAR OLD STUDENTS! FOUR YEAR OLDS! My God!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I feel very sorry for people who are born with this severe birth defect or who suffer from this severe mental illness, or both, but this crap has NO PLACE in our schools! Damn sure not in PRESCHOOLS!