University of Chicago student exposes ‘racist’ class: ‘The Problem of Whiteness’

It’s absolutely UN-FREAK’N BELIEVABLE what is happening in this country!! Complete Insanity! Notice, once again, just as in the Nicholas Sandman incident, how the leftist, socialist/commie wannabe demon rat propaganda machine known as the lame stream media, instantly attacks a conservative kid! WE had better stand up and start speaking out against this bullshit or we are finished as a free country! Young men like this one give me hope for a return to sanity in the Divided States of America! Remember the name Daniel Schmidt. I have a feeling we’ll be hearing his name again.

Entire Police Force Quits! NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! Just a BITCH!

This had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! As the demon rat controlled leftist lame stream media would have you believe!

New Town Manager for Kenly, NC, Justine Jones, has created a HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT for Police Officers! The black “Amy Klobuchar” AKA – BITCH ON WHEELS!