The FBI Put A $1 Million Bounty On Trump As The Bureau Sought To Frame Him!

They will NEVER be held accountable in a demon rat controlled America! For the first time in my life, I’m so ashamed of what this country, has devolved into, under demon rat rule! The Republicans HAVE TO take back this country! We HAVE TO save America from the demon rats!

This Country Has OFFICIALLY Devolved into a Third World Banana Republic!

With the politically motivated FBI raid on Mar-A-Lago, this country OFFICIALLY devolved into a third world banana republic! The demon rats just rallied the conservative right and even the centrist Independents better than, even Trump himself, could have! They’ve just all but ensured their loss of power in Congress and the White House! They’re just too damn stupid to know it yet, but they’ll know it soon! On day ONE of the 2024 Republican White House, Garland MUST BE FIRED! DAY ONE!!

The Demon Rats Are the TRUE “Election Deniers”!

The demon rats just LOVE to accuse the conservative right, Republican Trump supporters of being ELECTION DENIERS! INSURRECTIONISTS, Threats to our Democracy! Watch TEN SOLID MINUTES of Demon Rats denying Election results! What PHONY HYPOCRITES they are!

The Truth About the WITCH HUNT Against Trump

It’s so hard to believe that there are actually people STUPID enough to vote Demon Rat!

Newt Gingrich Discusses RINO Liz Cheney on The Ingram Angle


Man, she didn’t just lose, she got a good ol fashioned Wyoming Ass Whoop’n!

A Nation in Decline – President Trump Video