We MUST Act NOW, to Protect America’s Power Grid!

With the recent attacks in November of 2022, on electrical substations, we had better start stepping up our game to protect our electrical power grid! At the very least, you should make sure that YOU have a backup power system in place! It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It could be as simple as having a portable generator. You should have “something”.  Plan ahead and you wont be left in the dark when the inevitable happens.

Here is the generator that I purchased: (As of Dec. 9, 2022, ON SALE for $400.00 OFF!) Regularly $1,249.00, NOW only $849.00! GREAT PRICE!

The Tulsi Gabbard Show: Why I’m leaving the Democratic Party

Criminal Mob Attacks Coffee Shop in Portland, Oregon

THAT is the demon rat party of crime in action! The ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT party! The libtard demon rat controlled city of Portland has been the city of crime for YEARS! Portland, Oregon has a gutless, spineless, jellyfish of a so called Mayor, Ted the Wimp, Wheeler, who should have been removed from office YEARS AGO! He rioted right alongside the BLM and ANTIFA domestic terrorists during the over 100 nights of rage filled RIOTING in Portland in 2020! THIS is what you get in a demon rat controlled city! Out of control CRIME! Vote red to save America! Vote red to save YOURSELF!

Unequal Application of Justice Under The Law

Equal Justice under the law? What a freak’n JOKE! Donald Trump Jr. is 1,000 percent correct here! If you’re a Nazi Brown Shirt demon rat, you WALK! If you’re a conservative right Republican, they’ll INVENT crimes to charge you with! That’s the banana republic the United States has devolved into under the radical leftist, socialist demon rat control of the obama/biden regime.