Woke’s A Joke! According to Liberal Bill Maher

Sexual Deviants on Parade in Texas – Louder With Crowder

“Kid Friendly” drag queen show, protected by ARMED ANTIFA TERRORISTS with AR15 rifles and other deadly weapons. I thought the left was soooooo against these evil “weapons of war”! I thought they wanted them BANNED! I guess it’s OK when it’s “THEIR” group of Nazi  foot soldiers!

College Loan Catastrophe – Mark Levin

It’s called buying votes

Woke Liberals on Social Media Push the Term ‘Chestfeeding’

My God, these leftist loons are seriously DERANGED!

Entire Police Force Quits! NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! Just a BITCH!

This had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE! As the demon rat controlled leftist lame stream media would have you believe!

New Town Manager for Kenly, NC, Justine Jones, has created a HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT for Police Officers! The black “Amy Klobuchar” AKA – BITCH ON WHEELS!