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Emergency Preparedness Department

With rolling blackouts planned for all across America this summer, you really should be prepared with emergency back-up power. Below, is the highly rated, dual fuel, 12,500 watt Westinghouse generator that I purchased on Amazon and am very happy with!

Also, listed below, are other items that I purchased on Amazon to complete the installation of my emergency power supply. Your particular needs may vary slightly. I chose to run my generator on Propane fuel rather than gasoline, so of course, I needed a propane tank. (Actually, I purchased two 40 pound tanks along with an automatic switch over regulator hose.)

You’ll also need a power cord (30 amp or 50 amp) depending on your generator output, I purchased a 50 foot cord but you may not need one that long. You’ll also need a 30 or 50 amp circuit breaker, a power inlet box and an interlock device (which varies depending on what electric panel you have.) With those parts, you will have everything you need for emergency power!

My licensed, Certified Electrician charged $1,000.00 labor, to install the power inlet box, circuit breaker and interlock device (which I think should have been about HALF that cost) but if you’re comfortable with doing it yourself, you could save about a grand! Check with your local authorities to determine if you need a permit to do the installation. My local jurisdiction charged $64.00 for the permit and that included a county certified Electrician to come out and inspect and approve the installation.

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